Sailing in the Aegean Sea

Costs for a Joint Sailing Trip

A joint sailing trip is a sportive sailing trip with friends, but also with interested guests without sailing experience. It is not a cruise, but a sailing trip, like vacation with friends and on these friends‘ charter yacht.

Based on an occupancy of 6 persons the contribution per person and week just € 790,00/person in a double cabin.
Additional fee for single occupancy in a double cabin is 50% thereof.

The contribution of costs consists of the Charter costs, which cover the maintenance, service by the charter company, repairs, insurance and service of the yacht, berth, winter store as well as incidental expenses for charter license, taxes, indemnity insurance for the yacht, bed linen, towels, etc.
In addition, there are the charges for the board cashbox, amounting to approx. € 300,00 per person and week. How these costs are made up is explained hereunder.

Participation of Costs for a Joint Sailing Trip:

Board Cashbox Regulations:

Accounting via a „Board Cashbox“ is customary for joint sailing trips. For Yacht charter and joint sailing trips individual costs for the complete group accumulate. These costs are shared by all sailing companions and paid out of the board cashbox. The cashbox is managed by the guests on their own responsibility. The board cashbox is kept in the country currency (Turkish Lira – TL), since it will spare you „individual“ rates of exchange.

Everybody pays the same amount

Upon mutual understanding, everybody pays the same amount into the board cashbox.

Money not spent will be refunded at the end of the trip. The skipper/the skipper team does not contribute to the funds of the board cashbox, but as is customary will be catered for by the guests. The actual amount in the board cashbox varies from trip to trip and depends upon the demands made by the sailing companions. Before the start of the voyage it is resolved in a crew meeting what has to be paid out of the board cashbox. To date consensus was always reached that food and beverages, restaurant visits, harbor dues, transitlog, final cleaning, clearing inward and outward (TR/GR), and the fuel costs are paid from the board cashbox.

Sample calculation with 6 people on board

Last year (2022) the average costs were approx. € 280,00 per person/week (€ 250,00 – 300,00) with six guests on board.

If you want to dine only in extravagant, expensive restaurants and have „Champagne instead of sparkling water“, then, of course, the charges for the board cashbox will increase accordingly. And those costs will also increase per person if there are only two guests aboard. The fuel costs will be charged according to average fuel consumption. Depending upon the wind regime we will need from about 5 to 15 engine hours per week. For the settlement we assume an hourly consumption of approx. 5 l/hour. Then the final settlement is made with the actual diesel prices via the board cashbox.

The harbor dues are between 20 and 28 Euros per night at a marina. Staying overnight at restaurant jetties and anchoring in bays is free of charge. (These costs are not incurred per person, but for the ship as such!) From experience you should calculate between 200 and 300 Euros per person and week if all costs, also restaurant visits, are paid from the board cashbox and the yacht is occupied by 6 guests.

On average that are about 45 Euros per person and day during the trip, covering ALL meals and ALL beverages, harbor dues, etc. Luxury Marinas are not necessary, we find numerous bays and anchor sites that you will certainly prefer to many marinas. No marina can keep up with the beauty of the islands, the romantic little harbor’s and the nights at sea.

Average cost from the board cash

During our trips in 2020 the average costs being paid from the board cashbox were as follows:

  • Transitlog for the complete yacht per crew - 90 Euros
  • Final cleaning for the complete yacht/crew - 120 Euros
  • Shopping at the start of the trip for 6 guests approx. 150 Euros, but also more than 300 Euros with alcoholic beverages
  • The total costs for diesel fuel were between 40 and 100 Euros/week (depending  upon the wind conditions and the guests‘ requests for the routes)
  • Harbour dues depending upon the route between 0,00 and 60 Euros/week
  • Costs for a „normal“ meal at a restaurant, including appetizer and beverages were  approx. 20 Euros per person without alcoholic beverages. (Steak, wine and other  spirits are to some extent more expensive than in Germany!)

Although in Turkey the cost of living have increased, in the season of 2022 we have experienced moderate price increases, due to the very favorite rate of exchange. Some costs and charges, like e.g. the transitlog, are being settled in Euro in Turkey.

A frequent question is what the total costs of a sailing trip are and whether this kind of vacation is not rather expensive. This question cannot comprehensively be responded to, since the guests‘ conceptions and demands are very different. We cannot anticipate whether the wine consumption is high or moderate, whether we will always have favorite wind conditions, or have to rely on engine power, whether we stay overnight in harbors and marinas, rather than siting at restaurant jetties (free of charge) or in bays. Of course, often a simple package holiday is less expensive – but on the other hand also less exclusive.

We promise a completely individual holiday

Our promise to our guests is that they will enjoy a very individual vacation.

A vacation with friends, on an excellently outfitted and maintained sailing yacht, with hosts who know a lot about and love the sailing area, and who want to show you, our guests and friends, the beauty of the sea and the coastlines. You will admit that this is no vacation at a hotel resort, at a holiday club or during a cruise.

On request we can provide you with further information anytime.
Insofar as you have been guided to this website by an agency, you can get any important information regarding our trips in the Aegean Sea from there as well.

We look forward to meeting you! See you – on board!