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Something special...

Joint sailing is no package holiday and no cruise or a trip into the blue. Joint sailing is something very special, like when you and your friends sail in the Aegean Sea independent from schedules etc. But even with greatest possible freedom and independence rules must apply for the trip and the life on board.

On board our Turkish licenced yachts, serviced and checked by renowned service companies, to some extent under European management, numerous sailing enthusiasts and guests without any knowledge about sailing together could experience the beauty of the ocean and the adjoining countries.

Important Information:

Even though a sailing trip cannot be compared with a package holiday, you should observe some guidelines that are valid for numerous individual travels.

  • Corona: The actual information regarding the pandemy with regards to travelling abroad you will find under:

  • Insurances: Is your health insurance effectual, do you need a travel cancellation insurance, do you intend to cover your trip by compensation insurance, or do you need a travel baggage insurance?
    These issues are covered by the Internet or you can get the information from the insurance agent of your confidence. We are at your disposal regarding our practical experience, however, we cannot supersede the independent counsel of a well-versed insurance agent, in case you consider it necessary.
  • Identity Cards: If possible, please travel with your ID Card that should still be valid for a minimum of 6 months. Nevertheless, please also bring a valid Passport. Please enter the number of the ID Card into the Crew List. (A copy of the ID can be helpful in case of loss!)
  • Entry Requirements: Please inquire about the actual entry requirements. For German Citizens no Visa is necesssary for entry into Turkey. The stay is limited to max. 90 days (as of January, 2015). The entry requirements for citizens of other countries, also other EU countries, are diverging. In some cases visa have to be applied for before departure, in other cases visa can also be issued at the border. Please ask for the actual requirements at the Embassy of the Turkish Republic competent for your country or the competent Turkish consulate. The addresses and competences are found in the Internet.
  • Travel Baggage: Please do not put your travel utilities into suitcases, but only in travel bags or duffel bags. Don’t take along too much. The space on board of sailing yachts is limited, and for our „Captain’s Dinner“ aboard you do not need a dinner jacket.
    Our numerous partners are pleased to support you with your journey to and from the ship. With all your questions regarding the travel, the airport transfer, a subsequent vacation or regarding excursions we are always ready to give you full support.
  • Fitness for Sailing Trips:We are bound to expressly point out to you the specifics of the participation in a sportive joint sailing trip. Of course, you do not need to have sailing experience, but you should be healthy and be able to cope with the physical stress implied with a trip on a sailing yacht. If you cannot swim, we ask you to kindly expressly indicate this fact when booking the trip. If you are not certain whether you can comply with the (not just health-related) requirements, please check with us anytime!
  • Legal Matters: As usual, the offer is without obligation, and an allocation of non-dedicated spaces in the interim is reserved. Please observe the respective conditions or General Terms and Conditions of our partners which you can gather from the brochures, catalogues, internet pages or even from the corresponding charter or rental agreements. We have no influence whatsoever over our partners‘ conditions and dissociate ourselves from those contents.
    In case that we ignorantly infringe upon applicable law (e.g. trademark, competition, copyright), please inform us about the applicable issue by mail, e-mail or by telephone. Or contact us via the agency that has lead you to this site.
    The costs for a legal dissuation without prior approach is rebutted as unjustified in terms of mitigation of damages!
    Please do not misinterpret these information, but due to the European jurisdiction being oftentimes inscrutable we are forced to publish corresponding information. Regrettably, the number of organisations increase that generate their earnings only by unsubstantiated dissuations.

We do not want to spend our time fighting off admonitions or angry internet users, but we would rather sail with you in the Aegean Sea!!!