Bayir – with a possibly record-breaking old Plane Tree

In the past it was said that Bayir had been founded between the highest mountain tops of the peninsula and to get there was over an „impassable“ mountain where all kinds of wild animals live.

Nowadays the mountain is no longer impassable, you drive along a tarmac road through a very beautiful countryside.
The people live from agricultural products. Traditionally, bay, thyme and sage are cultivated. And many farmers work as beekeepers in die honey production.

You will be enthusiastic about the small market place, and a giant Plane Tree is the attraction oft he village.
The tree is said to be between 1.500 and 2,300 years old. Every voyager shall circle the tree, and you should take the time for a cup of tea or coffee in the plane’s shade. Ask for Mehmet. He knows many sailors since he had owned a small restaurant in Ciftlik. Mehmet speaks a little German und is happy about any visitor.

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