Ciftlik – recommended by Water Turtles

To complete this trip, you should make a brief detour towards Ciftlik. Another mountain village whose extensions draw down to the ocean via a scenic valley.

The beautifully located bay features excellent clean and clear water, so that you can recognise details even in ten meters depth of water.
At the beach you find loungers and sunshades. Don’t be put off from visiting Ciftlik by the fact that to some extent boats with day tourists arrive from Marmaris.

Where the street leads to the beach, on your right you will find a footbridge over a small course of a river, partially dried up in summer. In the river and at the water’s edge you can often observe many water turtles, and ducks populate the beach. Take your time and have a tea at Engin’s, the proprietor of the Restaurant Azmak, while watching the bustling activity in the bay.

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