Go for a short stroll through the village. Without hectic rush, without a lot of noise you can observe the rural life. The inhabitants are very friendly, and you get a first impression of the environment.

Every Saturday there is a market on the small open space before the bend towards Marmaris. Maybe you have seen the market already on arrival.
Here the inhabitants of the neighbourhood buy their necessities. It is not a tourist market. There is no bargaining, and up to now, there are no „tourist prices“ in Orhanyie. Fruits and vegetables come from the local farmers. The few strangers you will meet here are persons who live and work here or who are at home on board of their yachts at the Marina.

Out in the bay you see a sand bar whereon you can walk far out into the bay. But you can also reach the sand bar by swimming from the hotel jetty.
A little further into the bay lies a small island with the remains of a Byzantine fortress. This island is ideal for a little picknick excursion by boat. Sturdy shoes for the climb up to the fortress are essential, as are swimming gear and water/victuals.

The fortress can be reached from one side. The fortification wall has collapsed, thus you can reach the interior climbing. You will be recompensed by splendid views down into the bay of Orhaniye.

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