Turgut / Wasserfälle – und ein Waldspaziergang

The street passing the hotel leads further into the Bozburun Peninsula. Behind the small village Turgut there is a left turnoff towards the waterfalls. There you meet the „adventurers“ who ventured from Marmaris on a jeep safari. Visiting the waterfalls certainly is a highlight, even if the scene is a bit more touristic.

In the vicinity of the waterfalls different species of lizards, dragonflies, sweetwater crabs, giant butterflies, toads and turtles can be sighted. If you leave the visitor paths and follow the one into the woods, with a little luck (?) you may encounter scorpions and snakes. (If you plan to walk in the woods, please think of wearing sturdy shoes and a kind of protective clothing). Here you also find a restored watermill and nice shady places for a break.
You will find additional information regarding Turgut and the waterfall under „Adventure Trip“.

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