Bozburun – Centre of the traditional Turkish boat building

A town with a small harbour comprising customs and entry authorities. The small but very exclusive (and expensive) boardinghouses and hotels located apart from the town accommodate prosperous domestic guests during the summer months.

In Bozburun the Market Day is Tuesday, a short distance above the harbour. Partly, the streets are barred for the market stalls, and the residents of the neighbourhood visit the small place.

Only few foreign tourists come over land to Bozburun; here gulets and also sailing yachts are berthing, visiting the place for a day. During the summer months it is very warm in Bozburun, but this should not keep you from a visit.

Traditional Turkish Boatbuilding

Bozburun is one of the centres of traditional Turkish boatbuilding. There gulets are built, power gliders whereon the passengers can enjoy the „Blue Voyage“ along the Turkish coast.

You can tour the shipyard and watch the craftsmen at work. Osman, the landlord of the restaurant „Osman’s Place“ will be happy to arrange for a guided tour of the yard.

Although the emphasis clearly lies on POWERgliders, and only very few gulets really are under sail, it is very interesting to view these boats with a length of up to 30 meters, and to follow up on the individual construction phases of this kind of boats, originating from the Black Sea.
„Keel laying“ in this case is rather different than you would imagine.

The shipyard is somewhat apart from the town, it can be reached by car or by boat. Presently, one of the world’s largest wooden sailing yachts is being built. The yacht shall have an overall length of 141 m, width of 18,1 m and draft of 8 m. Tremendous sail area of 5.000 sqm, at a weight of 5.000 tons. The projected construction time is about 5 years. We are monitoring the progress …

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