Sail with us in the Aegean Sea!

Everybody can join a sailing trip

Your vacation is one of the most wonderful and most important matters of the year.
A joint sailing trip is a chance to make your holidays something absolutely special: athletically ambitious or enjoying the sun on deck - an unforgettable experience in every respect!

You do not need to have sailing experience to participate in a joint sailing trip.

Together with you we want to enjoy our time-off on the water. Sailing, swimming, reading, lazing around. Together we want to discover new
destinations, roaming historic sites, enjoy nature or amble through small island villages, oriental towns and bazaars.

The 100.000-Stars Hotel

We pass the evenings at the beach or in the Cockpit of our 100.000 Star Hotel.
With a mug of tea or even with a glass of good wine we reflect upon the day and make plans for tomorrow.

There is no definite sailing list.

The route will be individually agreed upon by the sailing companions. Whenever possible, sailing stages and swimming brakes are arranged according to your wishes. The trips are organized in such a way that we will not have to „sail back“, but instead we will arrive at our starting point at the end of our round trip.

Romantic bays, restaurant jetties and cozy harbors

Overnight we stay in small romantic bays, at jetties with restaurants or in cosy ports. This way, everybody can disembark and get to know the country and its people. We take our supper together onshore in small restaurants.

You are welcome to actively participate in commanding the yacht. Every guest according to his/her wishes and abilities, without prior knowledge! We gladly show you how to read a nautical chart, how to manoeuvre, and you may also pilot the yacht, initiating sailing manoeuvres or even taking care of the docking manoeuvre. If you want to, you and the other co-sailors share piloting the yacht between yourselves.

Everybody is welcome to the Joint Sailing Trips!

Our co-sailors can be younger than 7 and older than 70. We match the „crews“ for our trips. Families sail with other families, singles and couples also sail with their peers. Thus you are in a group, together with other amiable guests. Of course, you can also charter the yacht completely and sail with us as a group with your friends or your family

Always kindly observe the characteristics of a sportive joint sailing trip. Those trips aren‘t cruises, and they are distinct from a „normal“ package holiday. Consider a joint sailing trip as vacation on board of a friend’s yacht, who wants to share with you the beauty of the Aegean Sea.

Personal and individual

We are happy to personally and individually advise you!

You can, of course, integrate your joint sailing trip into „normal“ vacation. One week of sailing, thereafter you enjoy your vacation at a hotel or a small romantic guesthouse.

Get infected by the „Bacillus Nautilus“! Many of our sailing companions came as guests and parted as friends. Don’t wait too long!

Land Excursions by request

Onshore, there are numerous attractive destinations that can be visited.

Just to give you a review how different possible sightseeings can be:

  • Shipyards
  • Monasteries
  • Historic Center of Datca
  • Markets and Bazaars
  • Turtle Beach
  • Rock Cut Tombs
  • Antique Knidos
  • Mosques
  • Carpet knotting and dyeing companies (no buying obligations)
  • Waterfalls
  • Honey Museum
  • Volcano Island
  • Rhodos town
  • isiting a Turkish Barber – a really special highlight