The Yacht

Technical Data and further information on the „Magellan“ Sailing Yacht

With the Charter Yacht we are sailing under Turkish licence. The yacht is maintenanced by a notable charter company with whom we successfully collaborate for many years now. Of course, the yacht is always provided with the official commercial Charter Licence of the Turkish Ministry, and furthermore passes through the required annual security checks. The yacht is equipped with four double-cabins and one skipper cabin.

Comfortable 50-ft-Yacht

Come along with us on a walkabout over and through the comfortable 50-ft-Yacht:
Even as a well-versed sailor, you will certainly be enthusiastic about the deck’s layout. More than 50 ft (approx. 15 meters) free moving space are more than sufficient, even for a larger crew.

Due to the modern dual control layout you have free access to the cockpit from the stern, and there you will find a large table and comfortable benches with cushions.

The deep cockpit and the broad gangways impart the feeling of security of a modern sailing yacht also to novices in the sailing world.
Steering downwind or upwind, as you like. The most important navigation systems are found in front of the control columns.

Very easy to handle

Large, overdimensioned winches offer enough power for sailing manoeuvres.

The very easy handling of the yacht ensures that also participants without any experience can join in the board routine fast. The large Genua is operated from the cockpit. Retrieving the main sail with Lazyjack and Lazybag is very easy even under higher swell.

A large electrical capstan, a modern well keeping anchor and a strongly dimensioned chain cable of approx. 100 m make anchoring a mere child’s play.
At the anchoring berth you will reach „your“ pool easily from the large bathing platform via the bathing ladder at the stern. After your bathing break you will find a sweetwater shower on the bathing platform.

The complete bow is well suited as a large sun terrace within the largest swimming pool on earth, and it is outfitted with a large padded surface.
In case the sun is too hot, you will find shadow under the large Bimini top in the cockpit.
At both sides of the main Sail sunsails can be affixed, that will largely shadow the deck. Likewise, the complete stern area can be shadowed.

Dinghy and other equipment

The equipment also covers a Dinghy and an Outboard Motor (electric driven).
For the guests diving masks, snorkels and fins in various sizes are available. Poolnoodles and beachballs are provided as well.
Although the length of more than 15 m adumbrates already that the space under deck is not too narrow, you will be excited about the generosity of the saloon and the cabins.

In the waters of the Eastern Aegean Sea you will mostly stay on deck. On our charter yacht you also have sufficient freedom of movement below deck. Even in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea there might be some rain.
During winter trips or when it gets cooler in the autumn, it will be very comfortable around the large drawing room table. A Beneteau 50 is licensed for 12 persons, but generally we sail with 4 to 6 guests.

The drawing room also holds a Navi Corner equipped with modern navigation electronics. At this spot many of our guests have taken lessons regarding the secrets of navigation.


The modern nautical Electronic consists of:

  • Dual GPS Satellite navigation
  • Chart Plotter (at the cockpit and at the navigation table)
  • Radar Navigation
  • Echo Sounder, Logge, Speedometer
  • Wind Gauge, Speed and Direction, additional handheld wind gauge
  • Autopilot (automatic steering equipment) with Fluxgate compass
  • Steering compass, 2x at the control columns, add. azimuth compass, add. Sextant
  • Weather station with external gauging sensors, add. barometer, thermometer  air/sea

Of course, the necessary nautical charts, navigation set of instruments, harbour handbooks, lighthouse lists and further nautical literature are on board. The comprehensive library on board contains numerous non-fiction books, and not just maritime novels.


For the sailing companions four spacious double cabins with individual toilet facilities are available:

The size of the double bunk in the aft cabin is 210 cms x 160/140 cms.
The size of the double bunk in the side cabin is 205 cms x 135/90 cms.

Each cabin is provided with numerous airing possibilities through cabin ventilator.
Your baggage can be stored in lockers, drawers, boards and storage space beneath the bunks.
Every cabin is provided with ceiling light and reading light, as well as 240 V plug sockets, 2 USB connections and a 12 V wall socket in the drawing room.

Although it is not always common practice with sailing yachts, the „Magellan“ provides an individual sanitary module in every cabin, comprising wash basin, shower (warm/cold) and WC (electric driven).

Every sanitary module comprises ist own septic tank. The fresh water reserve is more than 1000 liters.

Drawing Room

In the Drawing Room you will find the generous, very well equipped Pantry with stove, oven and double bowl sink. The 2-bottle propane gas equipment comprises a remote control gas switch, and it is annually certified by a technical expert. An electric kettle, the coffee maker and two individually controllable refrigerators/cool boxes are part of the Pantry; and through the warm water supply hot water is available in the kitchen as well.

The two cool boxes have individual cooling aggregates, and even at high outside temperatures they invariably provide cool beverages. One cool box is electrically driven, another is cooled down via a compressor at the main engine.

Through numerous side windows and skylights plenty of light and air comes into the yacht. In every cabin there are several hatches that can be opened. Via W-Lan you have access to the Internet.

The Safety Equipment comprises:

A maintained life raft in a container, life jackets in various sizes (also for small children), lifebelts, signal ammunition and Horn etc. Part of the safety equipment is also a large-dimensioned bow thruster, allowing a docking manoeuvre without problems even if the crosswind is a bit stronger.

The Beneteau 50’s Dimensions:

  • Overall length: 14,98 m
  • Overall width:   4,48 m
  • Gauge:             1,96 m

With a water displacement of 14 tons the Beneteau 50 comprises a standard sail area (fore sail and main sail) of approx. 130 sqm. In a regatta additional spinnakers of up to 250 sqm have been sailed!

The sails of our yacht originate from UK-Sailmakers, Offshore version.
Fore sail: Triradial, DCX-H X-Ply Laminate, six layer version. Main sail: Triradial, fife battens, Polyant DCX-H
Further reserve and lug sails are, of course, present.

In calm conditions we are supported by a Perkins M 90 Marine Diesel with 4,5 l displacement, 85 PS and a very low hourly consumption.

A diesel tank with 460 l capacity guarantees a very wide cruising radius in a calm. Thus, even without wind we can reach Africa, and with a little wind, we can arrive at America without refuelling.

That was a brief walkabout over the Beneteau 50 in preparation of your sailing trip in the Aegean Sea, with a perfectly equipped and serviced boat.
In addition to the exquisite building quality of the shipyard the reliability of the yacht is important – and to a great extent this depends upon the service crew.

We love the water, the Aegean Sea, life on board a yacht. And therefore we liaise only with a reliable Charterbase and reliable engineers. We want to utilize and maintain the yacht for many years to come. Thus, many parts are exchanged before they „start flagging“, and we supervise and monitor the technicians‘ work.

All this we are doing for you, for your relaxed and recreative sailing vacation.