8-day sailingtrip Orhaniye - Marmaris

Orhaniye – Marmaris

Day 1, Saturday:

Arrival at the Palmiye Marina. The crew members get to know each other, time for a first crew meeting. Arrangement of formalities, cashbox regulations; transit log.

Check-in time at the yacht is about 5 p.m. Thus, there is ample time for a visit of the Farmer’s Market in Orhaniye.

The facilities of the Hotel Palmiye – pool, restaurant, poolbar and Marina Shop – are available to the crew members.

Day 2, Sunday

Trip arrangements and planning, shopping at the Marina Shop; „guided yacht tour“ by the skipper or the skipper team, health and safety briefing on board. Guests inexperienced in sailing matters get a first introduction on sailing issues, then it’s „Cast off“, and the sailing week begins.
Out in the Hirasönu Gulf some turns and jibes and MOB manoeuvres are practiced, and after dropping anchor for the first time, all of us are swimming in the crystal clear water of a small bay.

Overnight stay in the bay of Selimiye, at the jetty of a restaurant.

Selimiye is a far cry from what European tourism stands for. Here we find many small shops selling traditional jewellery and clothing fabricated by the residents. At night we take our meal at the restaurant directly in front of our yacht.

Day 3, Monday:

Strange noises are our wakeup call: cocks and donkeys have a bleating competition, with the Muezzin’s call yelling out in between. We can have a swim directly at the footbridge, and thereafter there will be fresh pita bread for breakfast. After checking the actual weather forecast we cast off, and the yacht slowly glides out from the bay. Ahead of us, subject to the wind, are 20 - 40 sm to our next destination, and we will be sailing westward against the wind.
On our way, close-hauled, we beat about towards Datca, the principal town of the peninsula of same denominator.

It is famous for its healthy and cool climate. We land directly in the beautiful harbour and enjoy a Frappé at the Harbour Bar. Datca offers numerous interesting features. Old Datca (Eskidatca) with many lovingly restored houses of natural stone, two wonderful beaches and many small shops. From here it is a short taxi ride to Knidos, where we can visit the archaeological excavations, or we enjoy the atmosphere of the small harbour. The evening at the Datca harbour will be nice. For hours we sit in the cockpit and watch the peaceful scenery on the Harbour Promenade. At no other place the distance from the Harbour Bar to the ship is shorter than here.

Day 4, Tuesday:

The early birds explore the town and harbour area, replenish the stocks on board and bring back fresh bread. After breakfast we take off and sail to the Greek island of Symi, there through the channel between the upstream island of Nimos and the main island. Gorgeous views and an interesting manoeuvre under sail through the narrow and shallow channel. We sail on out into the Simy Strait. Here the distance between Greece and Turkey is only about 12 sm. And exactly at the maritime border between Europe and Asia we stop for a swimming break. „Blue Water Swimming“ in water 240 m deep.

We continue to the Bay of Yesilova. Here we have to decide between the harbour of Bozburun or the small village of Sögut with two nice restaurant jetties. We decide for Bozburun. In the narrow harbour anchoring is a thriller, but the yacht quickly finds her berth. Today is market day, and we experience an original Turkish Farmer’s Market (almost) void of touristic offers, as original as many years ago.

Day 5, Wednesday:

Again the Muezzin gives us a wakeup call. We decide to transfer from the harbour to a bay to have a swim before and after breakfast. Wonderful turquoise water, light ripples, an ideal bay for swimming and breakfast.

Later on we hoist anchor and sail towards Rhodos. Here, the Meltemi blows frequently, and we make good headway. Just one or two tacks, and close to the wind we see the houses on the Greek island of Rhodos ahead of us. Just one more tack, and the course leads us directly to our next overnight stay, the large bay of Bozukkale (Bozuk = kaputt, Kale = castle).
Even before entering, we see the walls of the former Lorima Kingdom.

We berth at the jetty of the Restaurant Sailors House. This jetty is one of the „Swinging Jetties“. Wood piles are rammed into the ocean bed, some planks on top.Nothing is straight, as in nature, everything is gently rolling. In Sailors House you feel like Robinson.
The restaurant and its patio could be taken from a movie-set. In addition, Mustafa and his family who take care of this paradise – we feel at home immediately. No road leads to this bay, there is no electricity and only a very unreliable telephone network. Lighting and the pump are operated via a solar plant. Vegetable is provided by the garden behind the restaurant, and the fish is freshly caught in the sea. A romantic way, or rather a goat path, leads up to the castle. Mainly over rocks and through undergrowth. Just the red spots painted onto the rocks by Mustafa for his guests, and the walls of the castle guide us.

Day 6, Thursday:

Today departing is hard for us, even though we are anticipating new regions and new impressions. Free winds let us sail through the passage between the islands. A good wind allows us a side trip to Serce Limani. Another bay, again like a movie-set.

The inlet is almost invisible, and beyond the offshore mountains a large bay opens up.

An ideal hiding place for pirates, but also in case of a strong Meltemi. After our swimming break we proceed along the Turkish coastline, recognize Kizil-Addasi abeam, and sail along in southeasterly direction. Today once again the free winds edge us on through the Rhodos Strait. In the afternoon we spot an island off the bay of Ciftlik. Here we encounter the first signs of civilisation. A hotel, a street bordered by restaurants, naturally with jetties for the sailboats, nowadays even with electricity- and water-connection. And totally free of charge, like many restaurant jetties! After the berthing manoeuvre we swim and snorkle in the clear water, later on we use the showers of the Hotel Azmak and are enthusiastic about the supper with delicious hors d’oeuvre and fresh fish. Afterwards we sit together for quite some time in the cockpit, listening to soft music from the hotel.

Day 7, Friday:

As usual, also the last sailing day starts with Turkish breakfast and pita bread. Today we head for our final destination, the Sailing Metropolis of Marmaris. But since the wind is so favourable, we can fit in a detour towards Rhodos, before in the afternoon we enter the Bay of Marmaris.
Here, the town entices the visitors with small markets, the covered bazaar and many shops,
Even more restaurants or locantas and a (very noisy) street featuring numerous bars. Definitely a contrast to our sailing trip along the Turkish coast.

Day 8, Saturday:

Sightseeing of the town of Marmaris with C.B.B.B. (Castle, Bazaar, Bar Street, Beach).
Depending upon departure time transfer to the airport, or for the subsequent vacation transfer back to the Hotel Palmiye.

The Orhaniye – Marmaris trip can be combined with other routes and, subject to the number of bookings, is also possible as one way trip from Marmaris to Orhaniye. Wind and weather conditions as well as technically required changes are reserved.