Ulrich „Ulli“ Hallerberg

born in 1951, married, 3 adult children.

Early on, at the age of 14 my interest in sailing aroused. My Uncle Heinrich owned a „Pirate“, sailing on the Duemmer See in Northern Germany, and there I acquired some basic knowledge about sailing.

In 1965 I started an apprenticeship as „Telecommunications Mechanic“ in Munich, which was followed by a study of „Electronics“ at the Fachhochschule (FH - higher education institution) in Hamburg. I started my professional career as a Sales Engineer with „Texas Instruments“. During that time and until my 40th birthday I occasionally signed up with friends for common sailing trips (North Sea and Baltic Sea).

At that time my hobbies took place in the countryside and in the air … by motorbike and by sporting aircraft. I got my pilot’s license as well as the American entitlement. Thus, I was flying in Europe and in the USA for approx. 10 years.

Later on I rediscovered my first love – Sailing.

Consequently, the pertaining nautical exams (f.i. SKS and radio communication) were passed, and for 25 years now the water is my elixir as well. My sailing grounds were, respectively are the Adriatic Sea (Croatia) as well as the Mediterranean, and here the Greek and the Turkish Aegean Sea.

When I retired in 2017, I took over the sailing yacht „Magellan“. And since that time I indulge in my wonderful hobby JOINT SAILING WITH SY-MAGELLAN.

What is the appealing factor?

For me, sailing is wonderfully relaxing. And furthermore, I love to share it with sailing companions aboard. In my favoured sailing area I absolutely feel at home – I am welcome everywhere almost like a family member. And that holds good for my guests as well.

I am happy when my co-sailors have a gorgeous vacation, when they enjoy sailing themselves and when together we go about scheduling every new day. In this respect, our sailing area is a paradise: a magnificent nature-sanctuary off any mass tourism, with a great number of excursions and explorations possible – or just relaxing at the beach or in the water.

And when in the evening we stop for a bite in one of the local restaurants to indulge ourselves with their typical food and drinks, I cannot conceive a greater hobby than exactly this one…